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OCV – Your Flow Control Partner in the World’s Industrial Valve Hub

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Stocking Distributor And Importer Of Valves, Actuators, Control And Valve Accessories.

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Our Vision

Valve and Actuator Innovation: supplying the latest in flow control. From the latest in valve sealing technology to popular methods of actuating valves for On/Off and modulating service, we provide the industry’s highest quality AND the fastest process.

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At OCV, we make sure our customers is our top priority. We have the rare valves and constantly refresh our inventory in order to maintain and better support customer needs.

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Stocking Distributor and Importer of Valves, Actuators, Control and Valve Accessories.

Valves: Ball, Gate, Globe Check, Butterfly, Plug, Multi-port, Cameron and more.

Actuators: Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic Electronic.

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